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Our best service for our visitors.We value your time.

Lunch and dinner at European restaurant of the “NEW STAR” Hotel.

To fit in your business schedule or at your spare time, the hotel provides high standard service at the restaurants which cuts the time of waiting for the dish.


Menu for lunch / dinner at “European” Restaurant

  Name of the dish (composition Ingredients) kkal/100 g Weight (grammes)
Salad “Bulgarian” 186.6 130
  Chicken salad in Italian way 184.3 120
  Vegetable with tongue and cheese 170.9 130
  Coated Herring 220.7 130
First Course Vegetable soup with processed cheese 89.2 300
  Borshch of fresh cabbage beef and fritter 185.4 250/20/100
  Thick pea soup bacon and spicy crouton 161.5 250/20/20
  Fish soup “Tsar’s” 95.7 300
Main Course Minced collops of salmon 426.4 120
  Stuffed cabbage with rice and meat 180.6 200/100
  Kiev Rissole 377.8 140
  Spicy mutton 365.2 100/60
Side Dish Fresh vegetables 96.9 130
  Fried potatoes 238.5 150
  Fried cabbage with bacon 191.6 150
  Boiled rice with vegetables 194.6 150
Dessert Pear Strudel 347.9 100
Beverages Cranberry fruit drink 50.5 200
  Wheat bread “Borodinskiy” 317.5 40/40
Bonus (valid during dinner time) Tea in assortment    
  Coffee in assortment    
  Glass of wine in assortment