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Russia, Perm, 38-B Gazety «Zvezda» St.
+7 (342) 207-20-60
Hotel «City Star»

Bar Restaurants

Object: Restaurant “Europian” 

Location: the 2 nd  floor of “New Star” hotel 

Area: Capacity is about 200 customers 

Goal: To provide an elegant and modern interior for any kind of occasion 

History and Decision: The main purpose is sensual and emotional eclectism that is based on contracts. From  the first steps into our restaurant you will understand this place is really for great events! There are many tables, chairs, sofas, podiums and private areas, also there are many variations with the arrangement of the furniture as well.

It is a nice combination of light floor, milky walls, white ceiling-all these make the atmosphere of lightness and space.  

There is a glorious unity of tables and sofas, made by our own design and situated on podiums.

Wooden light brown tables with iron shod legs, soft deep blue chairs won’t leave you indifferent to the aura of harmony and beauty.  

Our restaurant is full of contradictory but at the same time fine spirit of eclectism. 

You are welcome to visit  “European” restaurant  and to have unforgettable moments with us! 

Informal ambiance will help you to relax here with friends. Open space area with flowers around will be also nice for meeting your colleagues or having some business talks with your partners. 

Our restaurant offers Russian and European cuisine. We are sure that all our guests will find something to their liking as we suggest different dishes from light salads to fish and meat courses.


The free buffet is served from 7-30 a.m. till 10-00 a. m.  

It is rich in different dishes and can satisfy any guest’s taste. We give you a right to choose what you can start your morning with…light breakfast or hearty one. Everything depends on our guests and their wishes.  

When we have continental breakfast, it is also possible to choose anything from the menu to have the best day start! Our restaurant  is an ideal place to organize any party: wedding, anniversary,  or highschool graduation party, because it is situated in the city center, has a comfortable hall, cloak-room, lobby bar that also can be a good place for gathering the guests.